Mnangagwa Warns Ministers Implicated In Corruption To Surrender Ill-Gotten Wealth

Supa Mandiwanzira and President Emmerson Mnangagwa
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reported to have warned cabinet ministers who have been implicated in corruption and the looting of state resources to confess and to voluntarily surrender their ill-gotten loot.

The ministers risk facing the ignominy of arrest and prosecution if they do no comply. The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is reportedly investigating a number of senior politicians since the fall of former president Robert Mugabe and the elevation of his former aide, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

According to the weekly newspaper, The Zimbabwean Independent, highly placed sources told the newspaper:

In the next few weeks, you are going to see some minister quietly surrendering property, especially buildings, under the guise of donating to communities and empowering the poor. If they don’t do that voluntarily, they face the real prospect of being humiliated when crunch time comes. Should they refuse to comply, they will be investigated and prosecuted.

…Even some former ministers are approaching the new government to open talks on how they can take action towards sundering some of their property.

Days after his inauguration, Mnangagwa announced a three-month amnesty to allow all those who had externalised funds to return the money and assets with no questions being asked. He later warned that this was not an idle threat, saying that his administration was aware of the individuals and companies who had externalised funds.

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