MDC-A supporters have gone into hiding

Snaring: Unmarked CIO abduction car
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The opposition MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa says many party members have fled from their homes in fear of harassment by state security forces.

The claims were made by the party’s Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Swithern Chirowodza while speaking to the Daily News on Saturday. Chirowodza said:

We have so far drawn a list of about 30 cadres who are no longer living at their homes for fear of being abducted, tortured or detained. Some are contemplating moving their children to safer places, while others are bogged down with repairs to damaged premises.

As such the provincial administration committee will meet soon to set the agenda of the next Bulawayo provincial executive meeting. This is going to be one item on the agenda meeting so I cannot disclose or pre-empt anything.

He speaks at the backdrop of widespread reports of kidnapping and torture of government critics including journalists, human rights defenders and members of the opposition.

The reports have attracted condemnation from the international community while the African Union chair, Cyril Ramaphosa the president of South Africa has sent envoys to investigate the matter.

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