Man sues restaurant after realising ‘boneless wings’ aren’t actually wings

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A Chicago man is suing popular American casual dining restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings for false advertising and “deceptive” business practices, alleging that he was tricked into buying “boneless wings” that aren’t just boneless, but wingless as well.

According to reports, on March 10, Aimen Halim filed a class action complaint against the restaurant.

“This class action seeks to challenge the false and deceptive marketing and advertising of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Boneless Wings,” reads the lawsuit, which was filed by plaintiff Aimen Halim against BWW and parent company Inspire Brands, WGN-TV reported.

In it, he argues that the products’ name and description lend the false impression that they are bona fide chicken wings that “have simply been deboned” and are, therefore, “comprised entirely of chicken meat.”

However, in actuality, they are “not wings all” but rather “slices of chicken breast meat deep-fried like wings,” the plaintiff declared of the supposed culinary cover-up.

“Indeed, the products are more akin, in composition, to a chicken nugget rather than a chicken wing,” the document reads.

Earlier this week, the restaurant offered a cheeky response to the lawsuit on Twitter.

“It’s true,” the restaurant wrote. “Our boneless wings are all white meat chicken. Our hamburgers contain no ham. Our buffalo wings are 0% buffalo.

On their website, there is little to no mention of this in the FAQ section. There are food reheating instructions, answers about the chain’s sauces, and only one question about wings: Why are some wings larger than others?

“Because some chickens are larger than others,” reads the answer. “But if you really feel like you got the short end of the chicken then let a manager know and we’ll make it right.”