Man ‘attacked’ for discovering wife’s affair

Lucky Sibanda with a light green jacket with a prison officer
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A MAN was almost beaten for discovering that his wife was cheating on him.

Knowledge Mthetwa from Pleasant View Farm in Fort Rixon, Matabeleland South got more than what he had bargained for when he confronted his wife Kenzent Msipha’s lover Lucky Sibanda (pictured above) to get answers why he was poking his wife.

Instead of apologising to Mthetwa, Sibanda threatened to physically “discipline” him saying he wasn’t man enough supposedly because he was “starving his wife”.

Kenset Msipha (with a baby and peeping behind man with grey like sweater and Knowledge Mthetwa with a light green trouser, blue shirt and dark blue jacket

Kenset Msipha (with a baby and peeping behind man with grey like sweater and Knowledge Mthetwa with a light green trouser, blue shirt and dark blue jacket

And what breaks Mthetwa’s heart is that the man — Sibanda — who threatened to clobber him for being “weak” is his cousin.

Following the threats Mthetwa said he was now living in fear of his cousin-cum wife’s lover.

“Lucky Sibanda is my cousin. When I confronted him after I discovered that he has been involved in an adulterous relationship with my wife Kenzent Msipha he threatened to publicly assault me saying he wanted to prove that I was not a real man.

“I am now living in fear as a result of his threats,” said Mthetwa while appealing for peace to be observed between him and Sibanda.

Mthetwa said he discovered the adulterous relationship through some text messages and recorded voice calls in which the two cheating lovebirds — Msipha and Sibanda were exchanging.

Meanwhile, Sibanda who was refuting Mthetwa’s claims was left with egg on his face when Msipha admitted before a packed court that she had been “bedding” him behind her husband’s back.

“It’s true that I was in a relationship with him. Even though I deleted the messages in which I was exchanging with him there are recorded calls of our conversation. He is still phoning me while bothering to continue with the relationship. He is struggling to come to terms with the fact that the relationship is now over.

“He is also threatening me with an unspecified action for admitting to my husband that we were in love. It is also true that he is always threatening my husband especially after he reported him to the Chief,” Msipha unashamedly said.

Since this was a case in which Mthetwa was seeking a protection order against Sibanda, the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered Sibanda to pay $100 as recognisance so that he can keep peace with Mthetwa.

He was also ordered not to verbally, emotionally, physically abuse Mthetwa and visit his place as well as not to communicate with him or his wife.

Meanwhile, after the judgment, Sibanda turned a drama king when he loudly charged at the magistrate saying he was not going to pay the money adding that for that reason he was even prepared to go to prison.

For his uncouth behaviour, the magistrate sternly ordered the prison officers to briefly “detain” him in the cells for showing disrespect to the court.

After his release, the seemingly repentant Sibanda passionately apologised to the magistrate for his bad behaviour.