Hwende’s case a travesty of justice

Innocent Gonese
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The MDC has said it is dismayed by the clear miscarriage of Justice in the case of legislator and MDC Secretary General Charlton Hwende in terms of which the Court handed down a ruling granting the State’s application for a postponement.

MDC Secretary for Justice and Legal Affairs Innocent Gonese said the case was further remanded to the 18th March 2020.

“It is our considered view that the Judgment is devoid of merit and smacks of a political ruling and ignores the well-articulated submissions of the Defence Counsel. We are at a loss as to why the State’s prevarication, which State stood to suffer no prejudice if the Accused had been removed from remand,” Gonese said.

“To the contrary, Hwende has been deprived of his freedom for almost a year and it is apparent the State’s house is not in order. We believe that this is an appropriate case to have a judicial review of the matter so that justice can be done.”

Gonese said the persecution of our Members continues unabated.

“Several of our youths are appearing at the Chitungwiza Magistrates Court on yet more spurious charges. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the courts will do the right thing but past experience cautions us to brace for the worst,” he said..

“We yearn for a just society where the rule of law prevails and the National Prosecuting Authority is not abused to harass and persecute people for political reasons. We yearn for a truly people’s government that respects the rights of citizens as enshrined in the Constitution.”

Source – Byo24