Hubby uses sofa as firewood, court told

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A LOCAL woman is up in arms with her husband whom she accuses of breaking their matrimonial property and using it as firewood.

Lydia Masiyazi and Daniel Paida appeared before Mutare magistrate, Miss Tamara Chibindi on Tuesday.

Masiyazi was seeking for a protection order. Masiyazi said Paida was maliciously damaging their property, particularly their sofas.

“My husband has a very bad attitude. He does not want anyone to tell him what to do. When he wanted me to cook beans, I told him there was no firewood.

“He suddenly became violent, accusing me of refusing to cook for him. He proceeded to take out one of our sofas from the house and broke it.

‘‘He used the wood to cook the beans. He told me that since he is the one who bought the sofas, he will do as he pleases with them,” said Masiyazi.

She further stated that when she tried to stop him, he assaulted her.

Paida confirmed using their sofa for cooking.

He said Masiyazi had refused to give him some money for firewood.

“Had she given me the money to buy firewood, I wouldn’t have used the sofa. She refused to cook as well so I had to break my sofa and cook. I am a carpenter so l can always make some new ones.

“I will not risk being arrested while looking for firewood in Murahwa Mountain so I will keep using the sofas until I have some money to buy firewood,” he defended himself.

Miss Chibindi ordered Paida to stop disturbing his wife’s peace.

She also advised Masiyazi to make a police report of malicious damage to property if Paida uses more property as firewood.