Harare Courtroom Drama: Arrest Warrant for Katsimberis and Fake License Scandal

Tendai Biti
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In a courtroom in Harare, an arrest warrant has been issued for George Katsimberis, who was absent from recent court proceedings. Despite his absence, Deputy Prosecutor General Mr Michael Reza declared Katsimberis in default.

To justify his client’s absence, Katsimberis’s lawyer, Advocate Tinomudaishe Chinyoka, presented a letter that confirmed Katsimberis’s hospitalization.

Non-wilful default and an Arrest Warrant

Understanding the non-wilful nature of the default due to the hospital admission, Magistrate Mrs Vongai Guwuriro decided to issue the arrest warrant but refrained from activating it. The trial, which has been ongoing for three years and has experienced numerous delays and court applications, was deferred to the following Monday for continuation.

Lengthy Proceedings and Slow Progress

The magistrate previously suggested weekend hearings, noting the trial’s slow progress. Katsimberis is accused of defrauding a local property developer of nearly US$1 million in a joint venture for constructing cluster houses in Borrowdale, Harare.

Separate case: Fraudulent Driving Licenses

In a separate case, the Harare police arrested businessman Tendekai Madongorere and Julius Punungwe for forging and selling fraudulent driving licenses. They confiscated at least 113 driving license discs and found that aspiring drivers had paid US $250 each for the documents without undergoing the necessary tests. The two suspects are now in custody and facing trial, with the 113 people who bought the fake licenses expected to testify as State witnesses.