Four teeth lost over a dollar dispute

Luke Chipfumbu
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A DISPUTE over USD1 resulted in a Mutare woman losing her four teeth after she was bashed by her brother-in-law.

The woman’s husband is now mocking his wife, saying no one will love her because of the gaps in her mouth.

This emerged at the Mutare Magistrate Civil Court where Rest Chipfumbu was applying for both maintenance and a protection order against her husband, Luke Chipfumbu.

She was applying for maintenance of US$150 and the amount was granted by Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato.

Rest said her husband is in the habit of assaulting her.

She also said he turned a blind eye when she was being assaulted by his brother, resulting in her losing her teeth.

“My husband assaults me in the presence of my children. I think that is what also motivates his brother to assault me as well. I have lost four teeth as a result of his brother’s assaults. He did not apologise for his brother’s action. Instead, he persuaded me not to file a police report against his brother.

“They promised to buy me new teeth, but they are now quiet over the issue. My husband is now ridiculing me with his brothers saying I am now ugly without the teeth. They call me Marabha (local comedian). They say no one will love me in that state and l have to be content with my husband,” said Rest.

She also said her husband recently bashed her and she sustained a fracture on her hand.

“I was pregnant when he assaulted me. My right arm was badly hurt and I feel so much pain on it. I didn’t report the matter because his family always encourage me to persevere in all hardships. I am now diabetic because of the endless pain and harassment I am being subjected to by the Chipfumbu family,” said Rest.

She also said her husband only buys food when he is around for him to eat and leaves nothing for the family.

“He is in the habit of buying breakfast for himself and he leaves without giving me any money. I need to eat, he knows that I am not feeling well, but he is not providing us with food. The kids are not even going to school. We survive on rentals, but he collects every cent from the rent and leaves us empty handed,” she said.

Rest said her husband owns a kombi and a truck and earns over US$500 every month but does not look after his family.

In response, Luke said he did not intervene when his brother was bashing Rest as it was none of his business.

“They had a misunderstanding over a dollar. I was not involved in this issue. Why should I have to say anything about it? I could not take sides,” said Luke.

He added that he assaults his wife as she is too talkative and gossips about him.

“This woman is very talkative and she does not respect me. She does not stop talking when she opens her mouth and only a fist can stop her.

“A woman is supposed to be submissive to her husband.

“She gossips about me with her friends. We have grown up kids, but she does not want them to join me at work. I sell firewood for a living and the kombi she is talking about is broken down. When I try to talk to her, she attacks me with pots and that is how the fights usually start,” said Luke.

Mr Chipato granted the protection order which bars Luke from assaulting, insulting, intimidating and threatening Rest.

The order will be valid for five years.