Elderly man ‘uses mubobobo on daughters’

Norah Chakanaka
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AN elderly Bulawayo man is at war with his wife who accuses him of using mubobobo on their daughters and neighbours.

Never Chakanaka says he is heartbroken by the claims by his wife Norah Chakanaka that he is not only using Bluetooth-like magic to feast on their daughters and neighbours but he was also a wizard and in possession of goblins.

Mubobobo is a form of witchcraft where a man possesses a charm for the purposes of magic that gives him power to have sex with a woman without her consent and without any contact.

“It is really disheartening that my wife of 40 years is accusing me of using mubobobo on our daughters and neighbours. We are married under Marriages Act Chapter 5:11 and the marriage still subsists. My wife is also verbally abusing me in front of children and neighbours saying I am a wizard and that I possess goblins.

“My wife does not want to sleep or communicate with me. She is refusing to sleep with me after I discovered that she had been involved in an adulterous relationship with her pastor —Machingura.

“We are no longer living together as husband and wife as we now sleep in separate rooms and as a result my conjugal rights are now being infringed upon. She is still my wife, I want her to come back to the bedroom,” said Never while demanding that his wife should join him in the bedroom.

He said so nasty were their differences that he no longer trusted the food his wife would have prepared for him.

The wife, however, refuted the accusations saying her husband was the one who chased her out of the bedroom while accusing her of bedding her pastor.

“It is not true that I’m verbally abusing him saying he is a wizard and that he uses mubobobo on our daughters and neighbours. Infact he is the one abusing me by chasing me out of the bedroom saying I had committed adultery with Machingura (her pastor).

“I am now sleeping in the kitchen and I can’t go back to the bedroom and it would be better for me to move of the house than to go back to the bedroom,” she charged.

The presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya, ordered Norah not to verbally and emotionally harass her husband.