Ditched man wants his ‘blessings’ back

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A WOMAN from Kensington plots on the outskirts of Bulawayo is reportedly sleeping with one eye open like a crocodile because of her ex-lover in the habit of visiting her at night to allegedly harass her as punishment for “red-carding” him.

Rejoice Kabulela said her ex-lover Douglas Lunga was also troubling her by allegedly demanding back the money he was giving her to buy food when their relationship was still subsisting.

She said whenever she told him she didn’t have the money; Lunga would turn violent and insult her.

The troubled Kabulela bared her soul at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she sought a restraining order against Lunga.

“I was in a relationship with Douglas Lunga and he started being violent towards me when it ended. He is now in the habit of coming to my house at midnight to harass me. He harasses me in front of my children who are now living in fear. He will be demanding back the money he gave me to buy food when our relationship was still existing.” said Kabulela.

Kabulela, who insisted that Lunga was a bitter ex-lover, pleaded with the magistrate to stop him from coming to her place.

Lunga, in response claimed that Kabulela was refusing with some of his property which he took to her place when they were still in love.

“Some of the allegations she levelled against me are not true. I went to her place once after I knocked off at work at around midnight as I wanted to collect some of the things I left at her house.

“If possible I should be accompanied by the police to collect them as she is refusing to give them back to me,” suggested Lunga.

When asked by the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova to specify the things he claimed he left at his ex-lover’s place, Lunga left the court in stitches when he brashly said,

“My worship, I left two chickens at her house and I want them”.

Lunga was however, at loss of words when Kabulela told him he ate them.

The magistrate who apparently looked bewildered by Lunga’s demands sternly ordered him to stay away from his ex-girlfriend’s place.