Director in US$12 000 UK health career certificates of sponsorship fraud scandal

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HARARE – The director of CASA Holdings (Pvt) Majestic Caregivers has appeared in court on allegations of defrauding three unsuspecting people of US$12 560 after promising to facilitate their certificates of sponsorship for health careers in the United Kingdom.

Danie Nyamunda (55) was facing three counts of fraud when she appeared before Harare Magistrates Mr Dennis Mangosi who remanded her out of custody to October 19.

The court heard that Nyamunda’s company facilitates acquisition of certificates of sponsorship for prospects of health Careers in the United Kingdom.

It is alleged that Nyamunda operates a WhatsApp group user-named Majestic Caregivers where she advertises services offered by her company.

The court heard that sometime in May, complainant Linnet Machakazi joined the Majestic Caregivers WhatsApp group.

It is the State’s case that Machakazi was made to pay US$5 020 for the certificate of sponsorship processing fees by Nyamunda and she paid in three instalments and was issued receipts.

The court heard that on September 16, Nyamunda issued Machakazi a certificate of sponsorship in her name.

Machakadzi did due diligence by sending a copy of the certificate to her relative in the United Kingdom who indicated that the certificate of Sponsorship issued had non-existing addresses.

It is alleged that Machakazi then approached Nyamunda for clarity but the accused became adamant and she reported to the police.

Due to Nyamunda’s action Machakazi suffered an actual prejudice of US$5020 and nothing was recovered.

On the second count, the court heard that sometime in August, Lesley Nyambizi joined the accused’s Majestic Caregivers WhatsApp group.

Nyambizi paid US$2 520 to the accused, after her sister based in the United Kingdom transferred money through World Remit.

A total of US$2 520 was paid to which a proof of payment was supplied to Nyamunda who then issued a receipt to Nyambizi.

After two weeks, Nyambizi made a follow up with Nyamunda who gave unsatisfying excuses leading her suffering a prejudice of US$2 520.

On third the count, it is alleged that sometime in September, Joyce Chikomba who joined the Majestic Caregivers WhatsApp group wanted Nyamunda to help her getting employed as well as facilitating in the UK visa certificate of sponsorship.

Chikomba communicated with Nyamunda who made her to pay US$5 020 for the certificate of sponsorship.

Chikomba allegedly paid in two instalments of US$2500 each and was issued a receipt by Nyamunda.

It is alleged that Chikomba requested for some other information regarding the work which was processed on her behalf but Nyamunda became hostile.

Later on Chikomba, learnt that Nyamunda had sent a fake proof of payment to her friend Machakaza leading in her reporting the matter to police. – Herald