Cop up for drug smuggling

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A POLICE officer, accused of being part of a drug smuggling syndicate, has been arraigned before the Harare Magistrates’ Courts on criminal abuse of office charges.

Harrison Muzarewetu, 35, allegedly travelled to India and brought drugs into the country, before handing them over to his handlers for a fee.

The State alleged that on April 6 the police received information that there was a drug syndicate operating in Manyame Park, Chitungwiza.

Investigations led to the arrest of two women, Oshilla and Panashe Chakwena, after they were found in possession of cocaine and crystal meth.

Further searches also led to the recovery of Muzarewetu’s passport with a valid Indian visa.

Prosecutors said investigations proved that the police officer had travelled to India on April 7 and returned on April 15, 2019 after obtaining a visa through Oshilla.

It was also established that he had visited India to collect a drug called ephedrine which he handed over to Oshilla upon return.

Oshilla, who allegedly wanted to send the drug to South Africa, paid Muzarewetu R15 000 for the job.

The State said that Muzarewetu violated his duties as a cop by associating himself with a drug syndicate and acting as courier for smuggling. – Daily News