Chipinge Delta armed robbers arrested

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CHIPINGE – Police in Chipinge have taken swift action and apprehended nine suspects involved in the armed robbery at the Delta Beverages Chipinge branch on May 22, 2023.

The suspects are Cephas Mhlambo (52), Stanley Zamazama (29), Raymond Kampilo (31), Cheis Chauke (48), Prosper Garikai (46), Brighton Dhliwayo (38), Tendai Mahari (40), Clever Sithole (27), and Edson Muchape (38).

According to the information provided, the gang entered the Chipinge branch by jumping the perimeter wall and then manhandled a security guard named Joyman Chekani. They proceeded to tie him up along with another security guard, Edson Muchape.

The gang members then broke into the cash office, disarmed another security guard, and demanded cash at gunpoint from Delta driver Freddy Japureni, who was handing over money to Peter Sithole, the guard on duty.

During the robbery, one of the gang members assaulted Freddy Japureni with a pick and tied up both Japureni and Sithole. The gang managed to steal a significant amount of money, as well as a Delta Beverages salesman gadget. However, Chekani eventually freed himself and untied the others. They reported the incident to the authorities at Chipinge Urban.

The police have expressed their gratitude to the public for providing information that led to the arrest of the suspects. Investigations are currently underway to gather more details and evidence related to the robbery.