Chief Murinye assaulted by village thugs

Chief Murinye
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Villagers believed to have been hired have allegedly assaulted Chief Murinye, Mr Ephias Munodawafa, accusing him of refusing them permission to bury a deceased relative at a place of their choice in his area.

The angry mob charged at Chief Murinye and severely assaulted him with open hands and clenched fists forcing to him flee.


They were allegedly miffed by the chief‘s refusal to bury a relative at a place Chief Murinye and his ruling court deemed sacred (Dambakutemwa).

Chief Murinye

Attempts by three ZRP officers to stop the marauding mob from manhandling and bashing the chief were in vain as they were hugely outnumbered.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the mob comprising even women, could be seen mercilessly charging at the cornered chief who had to flee and at one time picked stones to try and scare away the daring mob.

Efforts to contact Chief Murinye were futile as his mobile phone repeatedly switched to voice mail.

Masvingo police said they were still to get full circumstances of the case.