CCTV gives away pilfering pharmacy till operator

Patrick Makande
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A LOCAL pharmacy till operator who used his acquaintances to collect medicines and cash over the counter while pretending to be executing valid transactions ran out of luck after his misdemeanors were discovered on CCTV.

The issue came to light when the till operator, Patrick Makande, was arraigned before Mutare Magistrates’ Court last week on Thursday facing theft charges.

Mutare magistrate, MrTafazdwa Mhlanga found Makande guilty of theft and fined him US$400.

It is the State’s case led by prosecutor Mr Tinotenda Muzondo that, on separate occasions, Makande handed over cash and medical paraphernalia to his associates over the counter pretending to be transacting legitimately.

Mr Muzondo said in the cases discovered on CCTV so far, Makande prejudiced his employer of US$200.

He was employed by Gray Pharmacy in Mutare Central Business District.