Zimbabwe Covid-19 runaway suspected case shows up at hospital

Dr Prosper Chonzi
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THE 26-year-old Thailand man who has made headlines for skipping undergoing Covid-19 tests at Wilkins Hospital in the capital on Sunday has reportedly showed up at the same hospital this Tuesday morning.

City Health Director, Dr Prosper Chonzi confirmed that the man is now undergoing tests though preliminary tests show that he is not sick and his temprature is normal.

The Covid-19 results are expected before end of day today.

Harare City Health officials had engaged the police to locate the man who had skipped screening procedures for Covid 19 after presenting symptoms associated with the disease.

The man, who travelled from Thailand 20 days ago and was supposed to undergo Covid 19 tests at Wilkins Hospital after exhibiting some symptoms of the virus, reportedly ran away from Wilkins hospital on Sunday before the medical team could take his specimen.

City Health Director, Dr Prosper Chonzi, said the man was referred to Wilkins Hospital for further assessment after his temperature was recorded at 38.6.

Dr Chonzi said the patient who was accompanied by his father and two other men arrived at Wilkins Hospital on Sunday but they all disappeared before the screening process was conducted.

The man’s whereabouts were not yet known but Dr Chonzi said the 14-day incubation period had lapsed hence chances that he has the dreaded Covid 19 disease are quite slim.

Police were on the hunt for the man and had escorted health officials to an address in Mount Pleasant which the men had given as their residential address, but could not locate them.

A check with records at the Immigration Department, revealed that the man had given another address in Pomona suburb, but still, he could not be located.

The story was awash on social media, but City health officials had assured the nation that they remain on high alert and there is no reason to panic over the incident.

Meanwhile, four new cases of the disease were confirmed in South Africa this Monday, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the neighbouring country to seven. – ZBC