Zimbabwe coronavirus positivity rate hits 21%

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HARARE – Zimbabwe yesterday recorded 523 new coronavirus cases but the positivity rate was 21%, a very high figure from the less than 1% it was recording before the advent of what appears to be a fourth wave.

The World Health Organisation says the pandemic is under control when the positivity rate is 5% and below.

Harare and Bulawayo are currently the hotpots with 142 new cases in Harare and 124 in Bulawayo. Harare now has 1 672 active cases out of the 5 468 in the country while Bulawayo is at 630 slightly below Manicaland with 788.

There was only one death and 10 people recovered.

Just over 17 000 people were vaccinated yesterday with 9 407 getting the first dose and 7 989 the second.