Egypt exports local pharmaceuticals to Zimbabwe for first time

The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) held a ceremony on Monday to celebrate the export of the first shipments of pharmaceutical products by Egyptian companies to Zimbabwe, according to a statement by EDA .
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“This step is part of the Egyptian Drug Authority’s efforts to support the export of Egyptian pharmaceutical products to Africa and reflects its commitment to support local industry partners,” the statement read.

It also aligns with the country’s national plan to boost medical product exports, it added.

The ceremony was attended by EDA Chairman Tamer Essam, Presidential Health Advisor Mohamed Awad Tag El-Din, and the Chairman of the Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority Bahey El-Din Zidan.

During his speech at the ceremony, Essam praised the trilateral partnership between Egypt, Zimbabwe, and the United Arab Emirates.

He emphasized the importance of cooperation and industrial and logistical integration to achieve a shared positive vision, as per the statement.

For his part, Tag El-Din highlighted the role of presidential directives to support the development of African countries in driving the latest achievement.

He also emphasized the significance of this achievement, which showcases the safety and effectiveness of Egyptian medicines.

Zidan stressed the importance of continuing such fruitful trilateral cooperation to increase Egypt’s market access in Africa and globally by 2030.

UAE Ambassador to Egypt Mariam Al-Kaabi also expressed her satisfaction with the agreement and praised the quality of Egyptian medicine.

Al-Kaabi stated that the agreement opens the door to enhancing cooperation between the UAE and Egypt, as well as with all African countries.

From his side, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Egypt Shiba Shumbiyawonda expressed his gratitude for the successful collaboration between the Egyptian Drug Authority and the Zimbabwean Drug Monitoring Authority, adding that he is looking forward to even more fruitful cooperation.