Chipinge reels under malaria

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Malaria is spreading like wild fire in Chipinge, with the clinics located along the border with Mozambique recording the highest number of malaria cases.

These are Chisuma, Chinyamukwakwa, Mahenye and Tamandai Clinics.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care district health promotion officer, Ms Exgratia Chidoko confirmed the development and said interventions are underway to contain the disease.

“Since February, the district has recorded a total of 9 434 cases across the district and the highest number of cases are being recorded at clinics close to the border.

“The neighbouring Mozambique is reportedly hit by malaria and this is also affecting us here. Besides border clinics, the district is also recording cases of malaria in Chibuwe, Tongogara and Gumira Clinics and these are located along Save River,” she said.

Ms Chidoko said the Ministry of Health and Child Care is conducting public health interventions in these hotspot areas to contain malaria.

“The ministry is carrying out public health interventions such as Indoor Residual Spraying(IRS) and Mosquito Larvicing, but we still have challenges.

“Some households are resisting IRS and this makes it difficult to eliminate the mosquitoes.

“In Chipinge South, many farmers grow sesame and they spend the whole nights guarding their crops, thereby exposing themselves to mosquitoes.

“Due to the high temperatures recorded here, some villagers usually sleep in the open, a situation that also exposes them to the risk of mosquito bites.

“Every pregnant mother in Chipinge is now being tested for malaria. Health personnel are on the ground monitoring the situation,” she said.

Ms Chidoko said the Health Ministry is encouraging people in the hotspot areas to visit health facilities early when they exhibit malaria symptoms.

These include fever, headache and chills.