China Sent Medical Aid to Zimbabwe

Chinese medical group heading to Zimbabwe. Hunan, China, May 11, 2020 | Photo: Twitter/@globaltimesnews
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Alongside the group, Zimbabwe received medical aid, consisting of ventilators, nucleic acid testing kits, masks, and biosecurity suits.

A Chinese medical staff arrived on May 11 in Zimbabwe to assist the African nation to contain the spread of COVID-19. The 12 health workers traveled from the Hunan province to Zimbabwe.

Alongside the group, Zimbabwe received medical aid, consisting of ventilators, nucleic acid testing kits, masks, and biosecurity suits.

Zhu Yimin, medical team leader, stressed Zimbabwe and other African nations helped China during the most severe virus impact.

The 12 doctors are specialists in respiratory and infectious diseases. They also come from the fields of intensive care medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, infection control, public health, and nursing. Most of them have front-line experience in the prevention and control of COVID-19.

The Chinese specialists will also instruct Zimbabwe’s doctors on epidemic prevention, based on their experiences on virus control. They will also assist other Chinese medical teams who are providing sanitary assistance in Africa.

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: A plane carrying a consignment of medical supplies together with a team of experts in fighting from China has arrived in the country. The team is expected to visit various health institutions and share its expertise with local medical practitioners.

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China has been sending medical aid to Africa since the continent registered their first COVID-19 outbreak. Madagascar, Uganda, Angola, Namibia, and Nigeria also received health supplies and specialists assistance. Zimbabwe received a prior donations on April 24.

China has sent 17 medical groups with a total of 166 doctors and health care workers. So far, Zimbabwe registered 36 positive cases, 4 deaths, and 9 recoveries.