All hospitals undergoing facelift

Constantino Chiwenga
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All health facilities with older equipment are now receiving more modern equipment as part of a broader national drive towards modernising health services in line with the Second Republic’s universal health strategy.

Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Constantino Chiwenga on Sunday made an impromptu tour of the 80-bed Sadza District Hospital and said that hospitals and clinics built and equipped just after independence in 1980 and were still executing their mandate now needed a facelift in the form of availing modern equipment and related paraphernalia like beds so that they can be at top tier levels consistent with an empowered upper middle income nation envisioned by President Mnangagwa.

He said most of such hospitals still have compact infrastructure but infrastructure alone will not be sufficient to see them providing the quality of service that President Mnangagwa is championing for the citizenry.

“This facility at Sadza Growth point is one of those facilities that were built in the early days of independence,” said VP Chiwenga. “There are certain things which needs to be improved like the beds which we used at that time they need now to be changed and put modern beds together with all their linen.

“As you can see this is a very compact infrastructure of a hospital which has a theatre and other necessary amenities required at a hospital.

“The X ray was outdated and it was replaced. They need a dental machine and luckily we have it, through the equipment which was launched by the President,” said VP Chiwenga.

District Nursing Officer for Chikomba District Mr Jervas Mangezi told VP Chiwenga that staff at the hospital is motivated to do their work following the improvement and continuous reequipping of the hospital.

“The Second Republic has made a lot of improvements here, we received a state-of-the-art X ray machine, theatre bed, our waiting mother’s shelter was revamped, the district has a new fully equipped ambulance, new kitchen equipment,” said Mr Mangezi.“We are happy honourable Vice President with the new equipment that continues to come it motivates us to do our work in a conducive environment,” he said. Some of the challenges noted by Mr Mangezi is the wish by hospital staff for expeditious completion of more accommodation facilities, another fully equipped ambulance among others. VP Chiwenga concerted to all their requests and committed Government’s urgent attention including soon to dispatch an ambulance. – Herald