State Agents Besiege Job Sikhala’s Home

Job Sikhala
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MDC Alliance deputy chairperson Job Sikhala’s St Mary’s residence home was besieged by suspected state security agents at around 2 AM on Saturday while he was away.

In a statement, Sikhala warned those who paid him the nocturnal visit that they will have themselves to blame if anything bad befalls them. He said:

They come to my house at 2 am asking for me? What kind of arrest is that when l spend most of my time at police stations as a lawyer representing different clients.

For the record, for the past two weeks, l was at the law and order representing different people who were facing different political charges.

I’m a telephone away from asking me to report to any police station if l have any criminal charge to answer.

Invading our homes at night will lead us to commit crimes we never intended to commit for the rest of my life.

The government recently accused Sikhala of spreading rumours that a military coup in Zimbabwe was imminent, an accusation the firebrand Zengeza West MP rejected.

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