Nottingham-Based Zimbabweaan restaurant launches cookbook

Ken Gambara
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THIS WEEKEND, the Nottingham-based, award-winning Zimbabwean, South African and Vegetarian Kitchen, Braai Flavours launches their highly-anticipated cook book, ‘Braai Flavours – Taste the Adventure.’

The publication will be the main attraction at Braai Flavours’ Pop Up at the Sherwood Christmas Market, Sherwood High Street, Nottingham, UK on Saturday December 15.

‘Taste the Adventure’ is a collection of some of Braai Flavours’ signature and most requested dishes available since the kitchen opened in 2015.

Braai Flavours

Written by owner and head chef Ken Gambura, the book features meat, vegetarian and side dishes that include the popular sumu chicken, boerewoers and vegetarian braai. It also features vibrant photography, fast facts about the origins of some of the dishes and poetry penned by Ken’s sister, Isabel, who co-wrote and edited the book.

The project was a real family affair as Gambura’s son designed the back cover and his younger brother created the banners and logo.


Family is central to Braai Flavours, as the recipes for the sumu sauces were handed down to Gambura by his parents – the inspiration behind many of the dishes – who taught him to cook.

Braai Flavours - the portrait is of Ken's mother 'wonder woman' Florence

“Many of the recipes in Taste the Adventure can involve the whole family, including the kids, making creating flavoursome food a lot of fun,” says Gambura.

“The book was inevitable. When we opened Braai Flavours back in 2015, it was immediately popular which took us by surprise. People were so open to trying the dishes – the vegetarian and vegan dishes really took off too,” he adds.

“Customers soon started asking for the recipes and were curious about the flavours and spices we used, as well as the cultural significance of the dishes. They have continued to ask for three years so eventually we had no choice but to do this!

“For us, the cookbook is a way of giving back to our community and customers and thanking them for their support.’

Signed copies of ‘Braai Flavours Taste the Adventure’, as well as recipe tasters will be available at:
Sherwood Christmas Market, Saturday December 15, 2018 – 9am-3pm Sherwood High Street Market, Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5
The Park Christmas Market, Sunday December 16, 2018 – 10am-3pm The Park Market, Newcastle Circus, The Park Estate, Nottingham NG1 Heanor Foodie Friday Market, Friday December 21, 2018 – 9am-2pm Heanor Market Place, Derbyshire DE75 7AA