Food trends to look out for in 2022

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New year, new 2022 food trends!

Food as we know it had a wild ride in 2021, with more crazy TikTok recipe creations than we can count. We have seen pancake cereal, baked feta pasta, and a million other dishes go viral.

Now the question is, what will be on our plates in 2022?

The executive chef of the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton’s Vivace Restaurant, Tristan Latouf, said we should look forward to vegetarian dishes and brunch buffets.

Vegetarian dishes

“The rise of vegetarian and vegan eating can no longer be ignored.

“Not only does it have major health benefits but the positive effects it has for the sustainability drive can’t be denied.

“We’re seeing different takes on the way vegetables are being prepared,” said Latouf.

Good food, amazing drinks and conversation? That’s a brunch we want to attend! Picture: Unsplash

Brunch buffets

“Summer provides the perfect opportunity to host brunch buffets with friends. Gone are the days of serving scrambled eggs on toast. Now in the ’silly season’, we’re going big. I’m loving breakfast burritos and bottomless margaritas, instead of mimosas. It might just be a good idea to go easy on the tequila so early in the day, or simply leave it out altogether,” he said.

In October, supermarket company Whole Foods Market also revealed the foods everyone will be eating in 2022, and below are a few.

Hibiscus is happening

“Hibiscus has a long and delicious history in the world of teas, and customers have historically kept it in their rotations for its vitamin C content. Now, producers are harnessing its sweet, tart flavour in the form of fruit spreads, yoghurts, and beyond. Of course, beverage makers are keeping up, leaning on hibiscus to craft delicious drinks that adopt its signature hot-pink hue.”

Sunflower seed. Picture: Pexels/João Jesus

Seize the sunflower seed

“After fuelling grand slams and double plays for years, sunflower seeds are branching out of the ballpark and sliding into crackers, ice creams, and creamy cheeses.

“Delivering protein and unsaturated fats, these mighty little seeds are transforming the 21st-century snack game.

“Parents, take note – many sunflower seed-based products are made without nuts, which means allergy-friendly school snacks (just make sure to always check the label).”

Potato Milk

We have also heard that potato milk is set to be a top trend for 2022.

According to a report by the British retail giant Waitrose on the food trends heading to our plates next year, this culinary irregularity has every chance of finding its way into our coffee cups.

The exact recipe for potato milk remains a secret (although foodies are showing up with their own unique recipes), but the cloudy liquid is made by boiling potatoes, mixing them with rapeseed oil, and adding natural flavouring and vitamins.

You can add it to tea and coffee, drink it cold, or add it to cocktails.

You can also cook with it, for example, it can be added to pancakes or cereal, or used to make a sauce.

Taste-wise? It is said to be smooth, with a slightly buttery taste, and has a thick, creamy consistency.

Source: IOL