Coca-Cola Zimbabwe reduces sugar in Mazoe to fight obesity

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The Coca-Cola Company of Zimbabwe says its new product line of low sugar Mazoe cordials is aimed at helping combat obesity after a customer backlash on social media about the unfamiliar taste.

The global beverage maker recently introduced the new cordials which it says have up to 60 percent lower calories than the previous offerings.

“The Coca-Cola Company has taken a global decision to do more when it comes to the issue of obesity. Around the world, eating and drinking less sugar is an increasingly important issue for many people. Sugar in both foods and beverages can be part of a balanced lifestyle if people don’t have too much,” the company said in a statement.

“We’ve begun a journey toward this goal, including reducing the sugar in our Mazoe syrups and Mazoe Orange Crush.”

In Zimbabwe, the cordials are produced under licence by Schweppes. The company said it undertook consumer taste testing for the new products and the response has been ‘positive.’

“We only use low and no calorie sweeteners that have been thoroughly tested in scientific studies and are confirmed as safe by globally recognized authorities,” it said.- The Source