British retail giant Tesco vegetarian customer almost eats huge caterpillar that survived 7,700 mile from Zimbabwe

The caterpillar survived the 7,700 mile journey from Zimbabwe
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A TESCO customer got more than he bargained for when he opened a bag of sugar snap peas and discovered a “free Zimbabwean pet”.

Jack Cushnan was confronted by an enormous and very alive bright green caterpillar that seemed none the worse for wear despite its 7,700-mile trip from Africa.

The 19-year-old’s vegetarian girlfriend had bitten into one of the peas when the critter was spotted.

Jack, from Gloucester, who bought the packet at a Tesco store in the nearby town of Lydney, took a video of their new pet.

He sent the clip to the supermarket with the message: “@Tesco I didn’t realise your sugar snaps were meant to come with a free Zimbabwean pet.

“Luckily the vegetarian eating it opened it up to look at the beans.

“Loved sugar snaps but won’t be touching them again thanks for that.”

The clip shows Jack’s unexpected new pet wiggling around on top of the peapod.

The caterpillar survived the 7,700 mile journey from Zimbabwe

Speaking today, Jack, who is a tattoo artist said: “I was with my girlfriend and we saw the snap peas.

“I had a couple before my mum said ‘you have to wash them they’re from Zimbabwe’, I said it was fine because I only like the beans inside anyway.

“My girlfriend, who had already taken a bite into the beans, opened hers up and found our little caterpillar friend.”

Tesco responded to Jack’s post and said: “Thanks for getting in touch, I’m sorry you have discovered this little guy in the sugar snap peas purchase.

“I can appreciate the shock and disappointment this caused.

“I would like to get this fed back to our supplier for further review.”

The supermarket giant has since apologised to Jack and sent him a £5 gift voucher.

Jack has revealed that the pet caterpillar was freed into the garden and was left the rest of the pea to snack on.