Seed manufacturers assure Zimbabwe of enough stock

Morgan Nzwere
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HARARE – Seed manufacturing companies say Zimbabwe has adequate seed stocks to sustain requirements of farmers during the 2018-19 summer cropping season.

This comes as preparations for the forthcoming agricultural season have just started with regulatory authorities assessing the availability of seed and other inputs.

Seed Co Group CEO, Mr Morgan Nzwere said the industry is in a position to sustain requirements of the agriculture industry despite some operational constraints.

“We are ready to do what we can in order to sustain the needs of the industry and facilitate economic growth,” he said.

Modalities are also being put in place to ensure price stability for the inputs, with focus being towards increased yields during the 2018-19 summer cropping season.

“We are really working on all the key aspects of ensuring the nation does benefit from the rise in yields and facilitate growth,” Agri-seeds Director, Mr Ivan Craig said.

Increased yields in the farming sector are also expected to improve the contribution of the agriculture industry to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).