Outcry over Mzembi chicken farm grab

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister, Dr Walter Mzembi
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MASVINGO – MDC T spokesman, Obert Gutu has said that Foreign Minister, Walter Mzembi is a big disgrace who should be stopped in his bid to grab a productive chicken farm in Masvingo and render 200 workers jobless.
Gutu’s post on Twitter last week ignited ferocious debate with many people condemning Mzembi for his renewed bid to take over Banquest Farm which is owned by Helen Mitchel .
This follows a story carried by The Mirror in which Mzembi revealed his intentions.
Banquest is the biggest chicken farm in the southern region that supplies day-old chicks to Manicaland, Masvingo and the Midlands. It produces 100 000 chicks and 50 000 eggs per week.
Gutu described Mzembi as greedy and overrated.
“He is greedy, overrated, garrulous. Shame on him!!,” wrote Gutu.
The Mirror contacted Gutu and he said he stood by his comments and added that Mzembi should be ashamed of himself and apologise to the people of Masvingo for his greediness which knows no bounds.
“He is a complete and utter disgrace to the people of Masvingo, his level of greediness is astounding to say the least, he is a complete fake, makaro akadaro handisati ndakamboaona. After running down his own farm he wants to render 200 workers jobless,” fumed Gutu.
Many people who responded to the post on Twitter expressed disgust at Mzembi.
Mzembi must be stopped dead in his tracks before he gets too drunk on his newfound power. Beware Grace Mugabe tendencies.- Lashias Ncube
Bright Matonga took over one of the most productive farms I knew and last time I passed thru all citrus trees were dry. That’s sad-Blessing Sibanda
The reason he kept pestering his 94 year old boss to get rid of Mai Mahofa. A G40 thug-Roddie Hungwe
I concur! Greed and corruption is the order of the day. Mzembi is another charlatan -Aristo
The #colourfulidiot, just to quote someone’s words. Greedy-KuchangamukaWavhiya
@waltermzembi you failed to farm chicken pa stop over apo. Wavakungokara-Zimson
A bunch of envious people who are good @ grabbing functional entities. These are destruction mongers!!!-Ian MunasheMusso
Then you have some who always want to sanitize this immoral act saying he is an effective Minister. Bullshit!- Enocent Nemuramba.