Buyanga refutes accusations of land graft in Zimbabwe

Frank Buyanga
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Johannesburg – Zimbabwe’s anti-corruption drive has sucked in a businessman from that country who is based in South Africa, but the well-established entrepreneur denies any wrongdoing.

Reports from that country say a Harare widow is suing South Africa based businessman Frank Buyanga, whom she accuses of selling her a stand he allegedly fraudulently acquired.

Yvonne Mzilikazi has issued summons against the businessman demanding a refund of the money she paid towards the stand when her husband was still alive, reports NewZimbabwe.Com

The claims of alleged corruption involving the acquisition and sale of residential stands have been amplified by the Zanu-PF Youth League, which has linked Buyanga to the alleged graft as authorities up the ante to arrest high flyers involved in dodgy deals.

However, in an unprecedented move, Buyanga this week placed newspaper adverts in Zimbabwean dailies, refuting the allegations and demanding that the influential youth league leaders provide evidence of wrongdoing by any of his companies.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared last month that he had given the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission “new teeth”.

Now, the influential ruling party youth league has released a list of prominent business people, including the Johannesburg based Buyanga demanding that they be arrested on suspicion of corrupt land acquisition.

However, Buyanga has hit back in the advert saying: “The accusations contained in a weekend report were riddled with falsehoods alleging Iam one of the business people who have been found wanting and are profiteering from their positions in society at the expense of the general citizenry by illegally acquiring land”.

The allegations were made by Zanu-PF Youth League leader Lewis Matutu.

“We are requesting that he [Lewis Matutu] bring forward evidence that relates to his allegation and presents them over televised exchange,” demanded Buyanga in the advert. “The allegations are entirely baseless and defamatory.”

Last year in October Buyanga was cleared of any wrongdoing in Zimbabwe after a probe by that country’s Attorney General’s (AG) office into multiple complaints over properties the businessman took over after his debtors defaulted on agreed repayments.

Buyanga has an impressive property portfolio with more than 500 houses in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

African News Agency/ANA