CCC candidate evicted by lands Minister

Patrick Cheza
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GWERU – Prominent Gweru businessman and CCC candidate for Chirumhanzi South Patrick Cheza is losing investments worth US$200 000 as Minister of Lands evicts him from a 125h farm he was allocated near Mvuma under the land redistribution programme.

The move shows the total lack of security of tenure in our laws and the urgent need for review as the President has powers to remove anyone from any piece of land anytime, be it communal, resettlement or titled farms when it pleases him. Cheza who was detained for several weeks during last year elections is the only farmer out of 61 under the same scheme who is being evicted.

The farm is one of the most developed under the scheme with green houses, boreholes, solar power systems, 105 herd of cattle, 56 high breed goats, sheep and 50 full time workers. The farm is already being subdivided into smaller plots and the beneficiaries are members of the Joint Operations Command (JOC).

Cheza’s appeal was thrown out by High Court Judge, Justice Mawadze who said the courts have no power over the matter and told Cheza to plead with the Minister.

Mawadze however, conceded in his opening remarks that land issues in Zimbabwe are very emotive and vexing.

It is ironic that the State is evicting the most productive farmer pointing to weaponisation of the land act by the Zanu PF Government.

Minister of Lands Perm Sec Obert Jiri said Cheza will not be compensated for developments he made on the farm.

Source: Masvingo Mirror