Zimbabweans ditch DStv for Netflix

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ZIMBABWEANS have started to adopt and use Netflix video streaming application on their devices to watch their favourite movies and shows, citing the rigidity and “tiresome” programme repetition of satellite television DStv.

Netflix is packed with high-quality original programming, ad-free streaming, excellent apps, and features; offline downloads on mobile, and physical media rental options.

Zimbabweans who spoke to the Zimbabwe Voice said while Multichoice’s DStv still offered unrivalled coverage in areas such as sport and news and current affairs, it has since lost the plot especially with regards to movies, documentaries and such entertainment coverage.

“Netflix offers season complete coverage of shows, unlike DStv. One feels totally in control of what they view on Netflix, unlike DStv where you’re at the mercy of some programme manager at the office,” said Mike Mpofu, Harare-based pharmacist.

Mpofu added that Netflix also offered a diverse array of entertainment and informative content thanthan its competitors.

Irene Maganza, a lawyer in Kwekwe, said barring the cost of data, streaming on Netflix has made her catch up on great entertainment shows especially considering that she can download movies for offline videos on Netflix.

“The Netflix app offers great parental controls as well, meaning I have a say on what my kids view just as is the case with DStv. I often download my content here at work using the Wi-Fi and view with my family back at home in the evening and on weekends. However, the cost of data is prohibitive for many,” she said.

Speaking from Plumtree, Andile Mbedzi said his family has since stopped DStv subscriptions for Netflix. He said the cost of data was still prohibitive but they rely on relatives in the diaspora who meet the payment side of the family needs.

Although it started as a niche offshoot of the company’s disc-mailing service, Netflix is now the front-runner in the category due to its reliable core catalog and some of the best original programming.

It also integrates excellent usability features across interfaces, allows offline downloads on the mobile platform,s and features 4K content.

It has an extremely broad catalog of video content and shows available one day may be gone the next day.

The TV shows that you get on Netflix are season complete, which is not always the case for the competitors.

It only adds a show a season at a time and if you want to know what other people are watching on Netflix, there is now a service that maintains lists of top shows and movies on the platform.

It is currently in a good position with its original productions though with many titles becoming pop culture phenomenon. It also earns a spot for the best video streaming service for celebrating Black Art.

It produces feature films, comedy specials and documentaries for those who are looking for something more self-contained.

On the other hand, Netflix has been building itself quietly into an excellent source for streaming anime. It does a particularly good job with the older series Robotech and Little Witch Academia.

The trouble with the anime collection on this app is that it is the same as the rest of the content, which comes and goes unpredictably.

Netflix on the web uses a dark background, white text and large media thumbnails.

It looks elegant and is easy to navigate via the top menu’s section. The account settings go beyond what most other video streaming services offer with options for email communications, closed captions, parent controls and playback settings. You can also view recent viewing and streaming activity.

It allows users to broadly sort the shows and movies sections by genre and filter the lists of content further based on recommendation, the release year, and alphabetical order.

On the mobile device, it allows you to download select titles for offline viewing, a common feature now among on-demand video streaming services.

The download tab shows everything you have designated for offline viewing. It also has the skip intro button, which is yet another useful feature that other video streaming services have since copied.

It also explains audio descriptions as vocal narration that describes what is happening on-screen including physical actions, facial expressions, costumes, settings and scene changes. – Zimbabwe Voice