Xmas without Winky D

Winky D
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AFTER staging a fiery collaboration with Tarrus Riley and Dean Fraser live at the HICC on October 28, there was a lot of anticipation from Winky D’s fans.

There was hope that this momentous occasion would build up to the release of another sizzling album as has been the case over the past two years.

However, the Ninja President had other thoughts and decided to drop singles. Sadly, the three singles have not made significant impact on the showbiz scene.

Last year he dropped the highly successful album “Gafa Futi”, which earned him two Nama awards, sharing the spoils with Jah Prayzah. The previous year people had danced to tracks from yet another successful project KicksTape “Gafa Life”, which again saw him scoop two Nama gongs.

This year is seemingly going to end on a different note. When the single “Madrinks Mu Cup” was sampled at the Beenie Man concert back in August, many dubbed it a summer anthem. But when it was finally released in October, it lacked the punch to cause a stir in a market already dominated by the likes of Silent Killer, Jah Signal, Blot and Soul Jah Love, amongst many others.

The second single “Dzemudanga”, again, played out to be a weak track that cannot match what other trending dancehall artistes have released. Though it was talked about a lot more compared to “Madrinks Mu Cup”, with some saying the chanter had gone political, that failed to make the song go as viral as what most of his songs usually do.

Then there was the most anticipated of the three singles, “My Woman”, which features Jamaican dancehall star Beenie Man. Basing on the success his previous collaborations like “Survivor” which features Shinsoman, “Rise Up Zimbabwe” with Red Rat, “Munhu we Nyama” featuring Freeman and “Taitirana” which he did with Ninja Lipsy, everybody thought “My Woman” was going to be a big banger.

But alas, it again played out to be a flat track, which lacks the “extraterrestrial” magic the chanter oozed on the aforementioned collaborations. We need not talk about the super average video to the track because the Ninja President is yet to get it right when it comes to music videos – remember the “Disappear” disaster.

However, Winky D’s camp has totally different views.

The Sunday Mail Society caught up with the chanter’s manager, Jonathan Banda, who said they are happy with the three productions they have released this summer.

“Winky D is an artiste who always works on tracks that reflect on what is happening in society. All the three singles he has released have a social commentary side and we are very happy. The fans have also responded very well to all the tracks,” said Banda.

“Madrinks Mu Cup” has been welcomed well enough by the fans and it even got commissioned and we worked on a radio jingle for Premier Mahewu. That shows that the track is a huge success. Wherever we go people are singing along to the track as well as to the jingle,” explained Banda.

He also stated that “Dzemudanga” and “My Woman” are successful tracks in their own right. Continued Banda, “Dzemudanga has been well received by the ghetto youths as they relate to its message, which is all about domestic violence in the homes. The Beenie Man track is a huge success for us. Nobody else can brag to say that they managed to do a track with Beenie Man in Zimbabwe.

“We are happy to have managed to collaborate with an artiste of such calibre and that track, which is mainly in English, is something different from what other artistes are producing. It is satisfying another section of our fans whilst the other two singles are satisfying other fans.”

Banda admitted though that all three tracks are not the usual up-tempo productions that people can party to during the festive season.

“People are entitled to their own opinions. Some might say that we have deviated from the norm by not releasing party tracks this summer but we are happy with the productions that we have dropped. Besides, to avoid monotony an artiste cannot keep maintaining the same trend.

“It is also important to note that it is not every time that Zimbabweans want to party. At times they just want to listen to good quality music and that is what we are offering them,” said Banda.

Having already announced on Winky D’s Facebook Page that the release of the “Gafa” album will coincide with his birthday on the 1st of February 2018, we asked Banda if they would be dropping any other singles this December and he said, “I cannot say whether we are or not releasing anything. Anything can happen, what I can tell you is that we are never short of content, we have a lot of good quality content.” – Sunday Mail