Winky D Attacked In Kwekwe

Winky D
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Popular Zimdancehall artist Winky D was attacked during a show in Kwekwe at the Solomon’s Lifestyle Cafe on the eve of Christmas. The artist had to abandon his show.

It’s not clear what the reason for the attack was but some speculation suggests it was a politically motivated attack by some illegal gold “pirates” from Midlands knowns as maShurugwi or al-Shabaab

A fan reportedly said:

Winky D was getting ready to come on stage with his band already playing and, as he was still warming up the crowd, bottles and rocks just started flying.

It was very violent and everyone started running away. One of the workers here saw a group of men that came in a white Isuzu hiding machetes in the flowers and we suspect these could be maShurugwi or al-Shabaab (not affiliated with the East Africa jihadist fundamentalist group).

While everyone ran away, a small group of men remained looking for Winky D but he had somehow managed to slip away together with his band. Four of the men then went into the hotel looking for them.

Winky D’s management later updated through Facebook that he was fine: