We’ve been victims of copyright infringement: The Charamba’s

Charles and Olivia Charamba
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The gospel musical family of Charles and Olivia Charamba has accused Zimdancehall artiste Jah Signal of releasing two songs that are renditions of their pieces without permission.

In a statement, the Charamba’s said that they denied Jah Signal and his management copyright to release “Shinga Muroora” song because they felt that it was blasphemous.

“We got to know about the song when it was sent through WhatsApp by his manager asking for our permission. After listening to the song, we were concerned about changing the original lyrics into romantic words. We declined the proposal through text as well. We mentioned that the changing of meaning brought to the song was not good for a song known to be gospel. We found it blasphemous and mockery. In no time, the song was released. There was a very clear infringement of copyright laws,” read the statement.

Jah Signal released a song titled “Shinga Muroora” in 2018 which was a rendition of Kana Vanhu Vangu, which we released in 2001.”

In September 2023, Jah Signal released another song called “Tengai Mafuta” which is a remix of “Tengai Mafuta” song by Mai Charamba.

On Thursday, YouTube pulled down Jah Signal’s video of the song after the Charambas filed a copyright violation claim.

The Charamba’s added that they have not been cruel to Jah Signal but were just acting as victims of copyright infringement.

“We are sincerely sorry to those who don’t understand the copyright law, we are trusting that they will grasp the concepts in the future. Be that as it may, we pray for success for Jah Signal and in his career. We love him wholeheartedly,” said the Charamba’s. – News Day