WATCH: Trevor Noah has a message for SA during lockdown

Trevor Noah
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South African comedian and “The Daily Show” host, Trevor Noah has asked South Africans to do their part during the country’s 21-day lockdown.
Although we have just past the halfway mark in the lockdown, some people have no be adhering to the lockdown rules, with a couple getting arresting this past weekend in KwaZulu-Natal after they went through with their wedding, a reminder seems timely. 
In a video recorded at his home in New York, Trevor encouraged South Africans to listen to the government’s call to stay at home.
“Coronavirus has taken over the world my friends. We are stuck in our houses, they told us we can’t go outside and now we are stuck waiting for this 21-days to end.
“All over the world, we are going through the same thing, and all I can ask you, as my fellow South Africans, is to guys please work together on this.”
He acknowledged that some people needed to leave their houses to work, provide essential services or get essential items, but said it was up to all of us to make sure they are safer doing so.
“Let’s make it safer for them by playing our part. You can stay home. You can FaceTime with your friends and braai indoors, just don’t burn down your mother’s kitchen,” he joked.
He reassured us that the struggles we are going through will soon be over and said we need to unite to beat the pandemic.
“Until that time is over, let’s do this thing and beat coronavirus,” he added.