WATCH: Jennifer Lopez reveals she’s hooked up in a trailer

Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez once had sex in her trailer.

The 49-year-old actress and singer confessed to Andy Cohen during a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ on ‘What Happens Live’ – with her ‘Second Act’ co-star Leah Remini – that she once “hooked up” with someone in her trailer while shooting a film.

Host Andy asked the pair: “Never have I ever hooked up in my trailer.”

Jennifer’s co-star Leah quickly replied by insisting: “No I haven’t done it” however the ‘Get Right’ singer swiftly took a sip of her drink.

That wasn’t the only question the ‘Selena’ actress drank for, as she also admitted to; catching an actor or actress hiding their lines on their hand, catching a singer horribly lip syncing at an award show, telling her friend their movie was amazing when she thought it was horrible and seeing a director get so irate he or she stormed off the set.

Some of the ‘On The Floor’ hitmaker’s answers came as a shock to ‘Old School’ actress Leah, who stated she was only not answering as she was “going on one hour of sleep” to which Jennifer replied: “Thank God this is not alcohol or I would be in trouble.”

Jennifer and Leah have been friends for almost 10 years, and the ‘Glory Daze’ star has confessed that she feels Jennifer’s current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, is the one for her pal.

She previously said: “I think it’s about seeing your friend happy, and that’s when you know.”

Jennifer agreed with the sentiment and said she has felt the same way seeing her pal with husband Angelo Pagán, who she married in 2003.

She added: “You just want your bestie to be happy and fulfilled and in a good place and that’s why I love seeing [Leah] with Angelo.”