WATCH: Chris Brown’s facetious ‘Freaky Friday’ music video sets Twitter on fire

File: In Chris Brown's latest music video, the rapper swaps bodies with a regular guy called Dicky, with hilarious consequences. Photo: eNCA / Lenyaro Sello.
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JOHANNESBURG – Ever wanted to be someone famous for a day? A chart-topping rapper maybe?

In Chris Brown‘s latest music video, “Freaky Friday”, the musician swaps bodies with a regular guy called Dicky. While Lil Dicky enjoys his new lifestyle, Brown quickly tires of Dicky’s boring existence.

The idea is based on the 2003 Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis movie of the same name in which a mom and daughter swap bodies.

By the end of the music video, Brown and Dicky switch back, but, in a hilarious twist, Brown then switches bodies with other celebs: Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and, wait for it… Kendall Jenner.

Please note that the language in the video may be offensive to some viewers.