R Kelly evicted from two mansions for unpaid rent

R Kelly
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Singer R Kelly has been evicted from two of his Atlanta, Georgia, homes due to unpaid rent, it has been reported.

The 51-year-old R&B star has been forced out of the Atlanta mansions in the area of Johns Creek after failing to pay more than $31,000 in rent, according to court documents filed with the magistrate court of Fulton County.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that 13 February filings with the Fulton County magistrate proved that Kelly owed more than $30K in past due payments to SB Property Management Global.

He reportedly paid $3,000 a month and $11,542 a month respectively, for two homes only two miles apart from each other.

The property company’s spokespeople would not comment on the matter, and records do not show criminal filings related to it.

The latest report comes a week after the Fulton Country District Attorney’s Office claimed it is still reviewing a file from Johns Creek police after July 2017 allegations that the Grammy winner was holding women against their will as part of a cult.

It is not the first time R Kelly’s Johns Creek homes have been plagued with scandal, since they were completely cleared out in an epic burglary on Thanksgiving weekend in November last year.

r kelly
R Kelly’s two homes in Atlanta were previously cleared out by thieves wsbtv.com

The suspect was Alfonso Walker, a part-time employee of the singer.

Law enforcement told TMZ that detectives caught three men leaving one of the houses in a van, later bringing them in for questioning. They informed the police that they had been been hired by one of Kelly’s associates, Mr Walker, to sell all his possessions because Kelly was moving his entire operation to Chicago.

Johns Creek Police Captain Chris Byers claimed that officers checked both of Kelly’s homes, but found everything missing.

“Many televisions. Furnishings. We’re talking about couches, chairs, tables,” Fox13 reported as missing at the time.