Oliver Mthukudzi will not stop doing music, remixes 17-year-old hit ‘Neria

Oliver Mtukudzi
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One of Africa’s favourite songs from the legend Oliver Mthukudzi’s 2001 hit “Neria” has been remixed featuring the multiple Grammy award-winners Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

The remix was worked on by the two powerhouses and the music video was shot right here in Mzansi, showcasing the captivating scenery of South Africa. According to Mthuludzi, they have managed to give new life to a song that already has a life of its own.

The solo singer from Zimbabwe and the Isicathamiya Group from Kwazulu-Natal have previously worked together.

Speaking to Mthukudzi’s manager, Walter Wanyanya he said that the production of the song made sense since the two have a long history in music together, “that any opportunity to collaborate makes sense, this is on and off stage or in the studio.

“Intercontinental collaborations play a huge role in all we do not just in music but it sets an example for everyone to collaborate in whatever one does, be it sport, business, music etc. This helps us to appreciate our differences and it draws us closer especially as  Africans,” he said.

The song was originally composed by Oliver Mtukudzi but according to Wanyanya, this version has additional words by Joseph Shabalala, one of the founding members of the Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

When creating this song, Wanyanya said that Mthukudzi’s frame of mind was always on uniting Africa.

“Music always brings us closer as a people and may we learn to appreciate each other as Africans daily,” said Wanyanya.

Contrary to an article published in the Daily Sun this year in July hinting at Mthukudzi quitting music, Wanyanya debunked those claims saying that the artist is not a coward and will not stop doing music.

And to prove so, Mthukudzi continues to stage concerts and promote his 67th album titled “Hanya’ga – Concern”.