Olinda says she’s now a millionaire

Olinda Chapel
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Zimbabwean entrepreneur and social media personality, Olinda Chapel has sensationally claimed that she is now a millionaire.

In a post of Instagram on New Year’s Eve, the former wife of Zim Hip Hop rapper, Stunner, as well as the musician Tytan, said she feels like the Biblical Job who lost his family and fortune and after great suffering, had all his possession restored double. She wrote:

This time 2019 I was letting go of my pain and preparing to walk 2020 alone. I stood still and let God be God.

All I remember was telling God my burdens were too heavy and I couldn’t walk another step.

God asked me “do you trust in me?” Undoubtedly I said, “I trust you, Lord”.

He asked me to put my burdens down. So I did. Lord did I feel lighter. I allowed myself grace.

With 2019 I had had. I didn’t believe my 2020 would end this way. Call me Job because I shared his lamentations.

Call me Job because despite the devils lies and thievery. God restored it all.

My family is a family again. 2020 God officially made me a 7 figure earner.

He took my sorrows and turned them into happiness. He restored what the devil had stolen.

It’s truly a Happy New year for me.