Meet The Late Zexie Manatsa’s ‘Love Child’ Who Emerged At Funeral

Image Credit: NewsHawks
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On the day the late legendary musician Zexie Manatsa was laid to rest at Warren Hills Cemetery, many mourners had their attention hooked up on a tall and bearded figure who was in the crowd.

NewsHawks reports that many could have got questions like: “Just who is he? Another son of his?”

Indeed, the man in question is the “love child” of legendary Zexie Manatsa.

Although Givemore Madziya, 39, was born out of wedlock, he claims his upbringing – without his biological father – does not stir any bitterness at all.

After he was born in 1983, his mother met a soulmate, who raised him in Chitungwiza with the same fatherly love that he gave his own biological children.

Speaking to the publication at the graveyard, Givemore said: “It is every child’s dream to be raised by his or her parents. However, my step-dad covered that gap and I’m forever grateful for that.”

He added that he interacts with the other Manatsas and acknowledged that he was never denied the privilege to know about his roots.

“I interact well with them: Tendai, Green, Aaron, Freedom and Taku. We also have our four sisters by the names of Priscilla, Sarah, Memory and Joy. Only Priscilla was missing at dad’s funeral due to circumstances beyond her control.

Recently, Givemore took to his Facebook page, and wrote:

Tonight marks the end of my OFFICIAL TEN DAY MOURNING over my dad’s demise, making this one my last post in honour of him. His passing on dragged me into the limelight which I had avoided for many years, wanting to remain modest.

Communicating with my brothers and sisters from The Manatsa Clan behind the whole world’s back, I was content like that. Little did I know that fate will decide otherwise some day, making me to come out of my shell and strive to stand tall in such a predicament. Such is life….. I have made new friends, from all four corners of the globe because of my dad, for the man he was.

As I salute him for bringing me on this Earth, my prayer is to remain humble and down to earth despite all the publicity that I have had over the past few days. Much love to everyone who stood by me during this difficult moment of my life, as I tried to come to terms with the rapid events which happened soon after dad’s passing on.

As I strive to rise again, dust myself and begin another walk of life, it is my hope that I will walk upright and remain humble despite carrying a huge name on my shoulders. Till we meet again dad, forever grateful!!!

Source: iHarare