Master KG performs for a sold-out show in Ethiopia

Master KG. Picture: Louis Adeola/Instagram
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Local superstar Master KG is not letting his international fame go to waste.

The “Jerusalema” producer recently played a gig in Ethiopia to a sold out crowd.

Taking to his Twitter page, Master KG shared two clips of fans dancing and singing along to his hit single.

He captioned the one post: “Listen to this Amazing Voices Of Ethiopians singing Along To Jerusalema…This Touched Me Deep.”

Speaking to IOL Entertainment earlier this year, the Skeleton Move hitmaker shared some of plan for 2021.

“There are works in progress.

“We are currently working so hard with a couple of international artists.

“And when the time is right, everyone will know the release date.

“I like to keep things under wraps until they happen, but there are a few on the line that I am working with.

“When I get there I will definitely let everyone know,“ said Master KG.

This year Master KG plans to grow bigger and better and keep the same energy that he had in 2020 going forward.

Jerusalema is a beautiful song that has done and is still doing wonderful things, but it is also time to drop something new and fresh that will take this journey to another level and keep things flowing.

“Fans can expect new music from me in June. I am also looking forward to doing more tours but only once we’re allowed to after the pandemic,“ he commented.

Recently it came to light that if a company used the Master KG “Jerusalema” dance challenge to exploit their brand, then they may be liable to pay royalties for the sound.

This is according to Dumisani Motsamai, an entertainment lawyer who takes care of legal and business affairs for Open Mic Productions, the company that Master KG is signed to

Fellow producer, Prince Kaybee has publicly supported Master KG’s legal team’s decision to claim royalties from companies who used the hitmaker’s song “Jerusalema” for their “own endorsements”.

Taking to Twitter, the music producer said that he agreed that some companies did not join the worldwide challenge because they loved the song but to hijack the global trend for commercial purposes.