Kenny Lattimore ready to serenade Mzansi yet again!

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The wait is over as global international music crooner Kenny Lattimore, is expected to perform for one night only at the Sun Arena Time Square in Menyln, Tshwane.

Lattimore returns to our shores to rock the stage the best way he knows how to, through his timeless and classic music, this Freedom Day.

In an exclusive interview he told The Star his return to the country has been warm and inviting which leads to him always making a come back.

“There is always an excitement about my artistry when I come into the country.  It’s almost like a surprise. There is a warmth when I come here,” said Lattimore.

“I feel as if I am fulfilling my purpose when I come in and singing to the hearts of women and to the minds of men and encouraging them in love,” he said.

Lattimore made his first trip to SA in 1998.

“It was a strange time where men were raping virgins thinking they would be cured of Aids. Then I was singing about how I am ‘Never to busy’ for you baby and ‘For you’ I give a lifetime of stability.

I think women needed to hear a man say those words,” he said.

The dominant age demographic of Lattimore’s fans were people as young as 19 to as old a pensioners.

“I found out that I had a following in South Africa when the internet was born and someone compared me to Whitney Houston and Micheal Jackson, which was amazing to me,” he said.

According to the US soulful sensation music translates far and wide and what he found that people are always falling in love.

He promises fans a romantic and intimate experience tonight at the Times Square.

Lattimore has just released a new album called ‘Vulnerable’ which is album that “accurately describes where I am in my life right now,” he said.

Joining him on stage will be SA’s born and multi-award winning stars who are respected across the world for their impeccable talent and the ability to hold their own while on stage, Lira and the magical trio, MiCasa.