Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper give cash to fans

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Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper have marked the success of their single “Holy” by giving away R4.2 million to fans.

The two stars have decided to mark their collaboration “Holy” reaching number one on the iTunes chart by helping out those affected by “these hard times” on Cash App, and urged those who are seeking financial assistance to tell their stories on social media.

Justin and Chance shared identical posts on their Twitter and Instagram accounts which read: “Thanks for the love on ‘Holy’.

“[We’re] partnering with Cash App to give away a total of $250k (R4.2 million) today to those affected by these hard times.

“Tell us your story if you feel like sharing. To enter drop your $cashtag & use #JBChanceHoly.”

One fan, Katy, sent a message to Justin to tell him about the damage her home suffered due to Hurricane Laura last month, and was rewarded with $500 shortly afterwards.

She tweeted: “my house, my mothers house, and my boyfriends house all suffered so many damages indoor and outdoor from #HurricaneLaura on august 27. anything is greatly appreciated.(sic)”

She then shared a screenshot of the donation and wrote in another tweet: “JUSTIN I AM SOBBING AND SHAKING AT WORK YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS WILL HELP US! Thank you SO MUCH! I COULD NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! #JBCHANCEHOLY.(sic)”

Dozens of others shared messages on the platform expressing their delight for the two stars for helping them out with college tuition, debts, support for their families and other reasons.

Justin and Chance dropped “Holy” – the first song from the 26-year-old star since his studio album “Changes”, which was released in February – a week ago, with the “Believe“ hitmaker proclaiming at the time he was heralding in a “new era” with the gospel-tinged collaboration.

Taking to Instagram, Justin wrote alongside the artwork: “New era. New single. It’s begins. #HOLY this Friday ft. @chancetherapper jbsoon.com (sic)”