Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes live “very independent lives” and it is not unusual for the couple to always go long stretches without seeing each other.

The couple have been plagued by rumours they have split as of late but it has now been claimed that the pair have always gone long stretches without seeing each other.

A source told Entertainment Tonight: “They’ve always lived very independent lives, but try to make time to see each other. It’s not uncommon for them to go long stretches without seeing each other. And they’re still very, very private. You’re not going to hear or see every time they’re together because they don’t flaunt their relationship in public.”

Meanwhile, a source previously claimed Jamie and Katie are getting “more comfortable” in their relationship and are reportedly keeping their romance so under wraps because they have both been in public relationships before and they understand how difficult it is.

They said: “Katie was really letting loose and dancing – they were even kissing each other! … They’re starting to be more comfortable about their relationship. They’d both been in public relationships before. They care about each other a lot and they tried to stay as quiet as possible because they didn’t want to ruin that … Jamie brings a lot of joy and happiness into her life. They’ve definitely become more serious.

“She’s an amazing mom. She’ll choose her family over him any day … When they’re together it works. When they’re not, they’re on their own. It’s what works for them … Katie found happiness with Katie first. She’s worked her ass off since the divorce and she’s finally gotten to a place where she’s made a name for herself and can be her own person. She’s back to her old self and it’s great to watch.” – IOL