‘Jah Prayzah and Winky D’ – Who is King?

Jah Prayzah and Winky D
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JUST like in international football there is that one unresolved debate on who is better between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Zimbabwean music lovers have also found themselves in a similar web as debates rage on who is better between Takura and ExQ and who is better between Jah Prayzah and Winky D.

By Keith Mlauzi

Bulawayo music lovers had a first hand experience of these Zimbabwean music battles as they had to witness two epic clashes: the first being the Takura vs ExQ and the last being the long running titanic battle between Winky D and Jah Prayzah.

It wasn’t really clear on who was best between Takura and ExQ as the two managed to bring out the same vibe. It will be interesting to see who between the two will grab the Zimbabwean urban music crown going forward.

The real battle was between Winky D and Jah Prayzah and a lot of differences between the two performances were clear. The two artistes had one thing in common; most of the songs they had on their playlist were 2017 tracks but the question is did they have the same impact on the audience as they used to when they were released?

It is no secret that Winky D has mastered the art of live performance as he has made a name for himself as a performer par excellence. He is even known for stealing the limelight from international acts. He did it on Casper Nyovest one time hence it was not a shock when he stole all the shine from all other artistes who made it to the stage on Saturday night.

As big and diverse as the crowd was, Winky D was one artiste who seemed to appeal to everyone at a packed Queens Sport Club. The audience would testify that the show really began when Winky D stepped on stage.

Jah Prayzah followed shortly after Winky D had left the stage and many would have wondered if he could maintain or surpass the same energy left by Winky D. It is up to the fans who were there on the day to decide.

Moments after Jah was on stage some people began making their way out of the ground while he was performing. Could it be that people had only come for Winky D or Jah Prayzah was simply boring?

One of the organisers of the show admitted that Winky D was his main act and hence he wasn’t put last on the line-up.

“Winky D would bring in the hype that is why we did not make him the last act but the middle; Jah Prayzah would continue with the fire that was already lit,” said De Nosh.

He said the reason why Jah and Winky were put in the middle of the line-up was because they were all on demand.

“Jah Prayzah is also good and he is on demand that’s why he and Winky had to be our middle pair after Takura and ExQ and before Seagirl and Msizkay,” he added.

On Friday night in Harare at the Patoranking show Jah Prayzah performed before Winky D and Winky D opened up the show for Jah Prayzah in Bulawayo. After those two blockbuster performances, it just seems that this is one debate without a definite answer.

On the other hand home girl Novuyo Seagirl was not accepted in her own home town as bottles rained on her as she made it to the stage. Her response, however, indicated that she wasn’t ready for big crowds.

De Nosh said he was disappointed with Seagirl’s reaction.

“This was her greatest opportunity to showcase her talent but she messed up, she was supposed to be the bigger person in the situation,” he said.