I’m for quality not quantity: Ammara

Ammara Brown
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AFTER failing to drop her debut album on several attempts, award-winning musician, Ammara Brown, will this Friday November 10 finally release the much-awaited 14-track offering -“Ammartia” – at The Venue in Avondale.

At a recently held Press conference, the “Mukoko” singer said she is always aiming for quality, and not quantity, which is why it took her so long to come up with an album.

“It has taken me a while to complete this album because I was looking to make everything I was working on perfect. Those who know me will tell you how I believe in quality not quantity. So anytime I release any piece of work, it means I will really be satisfied with it.

“If I don’t think it is worth putting out for public consumption even when I have completed it, I will not release it. This is the process I went through with making this album, hence the reason it took so long to be released,” explained Ammara.

The “Akiliz” hitmaker said she is influenced by her late father.

“My father only had 11 bodies of work in his illustrious career. This is far less than what other musicians of his time produced. But what makes his work standout to that of his peers is the quality.

“We have done the same for ‘Ammartia’. The album will definitely quench the thirst of fans who have become accustomed to the quality of work I deliver.”

The album is dominated by Afro-pop jams and was worked on by a number of local and international producers.Ammara also revealed that the album is based on real life experiences.

“Some of the songs speak about my personal life experiences. Some tracks came to me when I was at my lowest and others when I was having a good moment in my life – all those feelings are captured in the album.It also speaks on topical issues in today’s society,” said Ammara.