Gospel artiste releases second album

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UPCOMING Rusape-based artiste Alice Maunga Sibamba has recorded her second project titled Hupenyu Hwemutendi which is set to propel her to the top echelons of gospel music.

The offering, which was recorded by Olin Anderson at Kunashe Studios, carries seven tracks namely Favour, Nyasha dzenyu, Dzokerai panzvimbo, A winner, Don’t worry, We worship and Vana vangu.

Sibamba stormed into the musical scene last year when she released her debut album Ngavongwe.

Hupenyu Hwemutendi is a great improvement lyrically and in terms of instrument arrangements, a sign that shows that she is upping her game. The latest album is laden with inspirational and deep meaning lyrics.

The leader of The Everlasting Praise group said her strong Christian background and desire to see people living on God’s terms pushed her into gospel music.

“My wish is to sing and see people living in the presence of God, get inspired to seek a closer relationship with God, remain stirred in spirit and empowered for a better life through my music.

“What inspired me to sing is the power that resides in music. We hear from the Bible of how praising God changed situations, battles were won, walls collapsed, chains were broken and some escaped prisons. This is the power I wish to see restored in our own lives. That is why I sing. I am glad that people are slowly accepting me and it is very encouraging.

“I am open for collaborations with other upcoming and seasoned gospel musicians,” she said.

She is currently working on recording videos for the new album.