Former Tuku manager hospitalised in USA

Sam Mataure
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THE late Oliver Mtukudzi’s former band manager, Sam Mataure, collapsed in the United States of America (USA) on Friday morning, The Sunday Mail has learnt.

Mataure, who has been unwell for sometime, recently took up a role as Dr Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo’s manager and moved to the North American country.

Speaking from his base in Oregon, Dr Mapfumo confirmed that Mataure had been rushed to hospital after collapsing at his house.

Dr Mapfumo said Mataure had benefited immensely from top-notch medical facilities in the USA, which saw him undergo an emergency surgical operation.

He also said he is recuperating in hospital and is now able to speak.

“Indeed he is in hospital. We are going to the hospital now to see him. The doctors removed two blood clots during a head surgery. He is now able to converse intelligibly,” said Dr Mapfumo.

Mataure’s relative, Hopewell Katsande, who is based in Lusaka also spoke to Mukanya, who told him that he was surprised to wake up in the morning before Mataure, a known early riser.

Mataure is staying in the same house as Mukanya in the USA.

“This has come as a surprise and a shock. We did not know that Sam was going through any major medical problems. Mukanya told me that he was surprised to wake up before Sam, which is very unlike him.

“He said he decided to go and check on him only to find him collapsed on the floor of his room and tried to speak but with a very low inaudible voice. That is when he decided to call 911 (an emergence number),” said Katsande.

Mataure is said to have put Josh Hozheri, a local promoter and close friend as his emergency contact person in papers lodged with American authorities.

Hozheri, therefore, became one of the first people to get the message.

He immediately got in touch with Mukanya, who confirmed that they had communicated with Mataure’s only surviving sibling known only as Mai Kajese.

“I’m happy that he has been taken care of and that he is recovering. He is in safe hands. We pray that he regains his health 100 percent and fulfils what he went to America to do,” said Hozheri last night.

Efforts to track down Mataure’s sister Mai Kajese were unsuccessful.