DaBaby? Mzansi fans troll US rapper for wanting to fill up FNB Stadium

Da Baby concert organisers might have some trouble filling up FNB Stadium as South Africans have not forgotten about his history of controversy with women. Picture: Instagram/@dababy
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Event organisers probably anticipated a resounding stamp of approval when they announced that US rapper Da Baby would be headlining the Empower Africa Concert on September 30.

Instead, what they got was the general public trolling the Grammy-nominated ‘Suge’ star for having the audacity to host a concert at the country’s biggest stadium.

With all the concerts taking place in September and October, many viewed DaBaby as an unappealing choice.

Worse still, the initial announcement was made on Women’s Day, which is baffling considering the 31-year-old’s history of controversy with women.

During his Up Close N Personal tour in 2020, DaBaby infamously slapped a female fan in Florida on his way to the stage for a performance.

In his half-hearted apology, he claimed to not have noticed it was a woman before adding, “I think by this time, you know it’s a well known fact that male or female, I would’ve responded the same exact way.”

He’s also had numerous public spats with ex girlfriend DaniLeigh.

@SizweDhlomo was one of the first influential accounts to respond to the news. “Da Baby? FNB Stadium? Lol!”

“He failed to fill up in his own country 🤣🤣🤣,” commented @hermainem.

Another tweep added that he should be a supporting act for Burna Boy, who’s performing at the stadium a week prior. “Like how many songs does he have, he must move it to 23rd to be a supporting act for Burna boy.”

“Da Baby wants to fill up FNB stadium NEXT month and tickets only went on sale like last week, starting at R500 😂 “ added @_bigsexy. “Someone must’ve lied to him about his fanbase here. I have never seen a concert that would obviously not happen more than this one.”